Chandra yaan3 reaction of heaters world wide

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India’s most recent success is Chandra yaan3. As a result of being the first country in the world to step on the south pole of the moon. reaction-of-heaters being extra angry who is making various statements so as to tarnish the honor of India.


In fact there are many people in the world who consider India as a third class country and cannot accept our scientific achievements. I find it very difficult for them to accept that the people of a country that still drives bullock carts are the first to reach the moon. They forget that centuries ago when Arya Bhatt discovered zero, they knew nothing of the ABCD of numbers.

  • Launched on July 14, 2023, by India’s Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)
  • Landed on the Moon on August 23, 2023, in the southern polar region
  • Made India the fourth country to achieve a soft lunar landing
  • First to reach the southern polar region of the Moon

Objectives Chandra yaan3

  • Demonstrate the ability to soft-land on the Moon
  • Demonstrate the rover Vikram’s ability to move on the Moon
  • Conduct in-situ scientific experiments
Chandra yaan3 progan rover


  • ChaSTE: Temperature profile of the lunar topsoil
  • SARAL: Lunar surface composition
  • PRISMA: Lunar mineralogy and geology
  • M3: Lunar water
  • RADAR: Lunar subsurface
  • SSRCA: Lunar seismology
  • LUP: Lunar ultraviolet photometry

Current status Chandra yaan3

The Chandrayaan-3 mission is ongoing. The Pragyan rover is currently exploring the lunar surface, conducting experiments. The mission is expected to continue for one lunar day, or 14 Earth days.

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Chandrayaan-3 is a significant achievement for India’s space program. It demonstrates India’s growing capabilities in space exploration and its commitment to scientific research. The mission is also expected to yield valuable insights into the Moon’s history and composition.

GB news Nigel_Farage

One of the famous heater of India

Nigel Farage Nigel Paul Farage (/ˈfærɑːʒ/;[c] born 3 April 1964)[3] is a British broadcaster and former politician who was Leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) from 2006 to 2009 and 2010 to 2016 and Leader of the Brexit Party (renamed Reform UK in 2021) from 2019 to 2021.

These respectable scoundrels forget that their certificates are not required by India.
Where the American space agency NASA is looking forward to work with our space agency ISRO, there is no exemption for these people, is there any need for their certificate?

Another famous heater of India

He made this tweet on the day our Chandrayaan 3 landed on the lunar surface. The kind of reply he gets on that twitter would make him think ten times before making such a mistake. This shows how much foreigners are jealous of India’s development success.

To put it in context A Pakistani defense website made a comment about the tutor’s tweet that India did not land on the moon. An uneducated country like Pakistan can speak such words but some developed world countries are carrying such messages only on India. They hate India from their hearts, their only job is to speak hate speech against India and envy India’s development.

Stew Peters social

Now see female heater of India

she is the one giving the tweet to come down from Britain

paula london

He then took so much abuse from social media that he deleted his tweet. Tell yourselves whether it is right to make such a statement only out of jealousy. Our Chandrayaan 3 and Pragya rover are sending new images every day to make these people laugh. The number of such hitters is not less in different countries of the world and they are constantly maligning India.

For example, he is a journalist by profession, but he is so stupid that he even makes such a statement.


We can say with pride a great country like ours would never have suffered any loss for the oppressive words of such great men. Even in the past India was founded in glory for which the entire world society came and plundered India day after day. There is no doubt that in the future India will be established in self-glory and will take the seat of the World Guru. Chandrayaan 3 is just one example.

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